Monday, December 1, 2014

The Searching Heart

In chapter one the author, Dave Busby, made it clear that we are all hard wired with a thirst.  In the beginning of chapter 2 he make’s it clear that we all have a plan to satisfy this thirst.  So the first question is “what is your plan”?  Or maybe you’ve done life a particular way for so long that this part of your heart is calloused or cauterized?  And your heart has convinced you that not only are you good but you are doing way better than your neighbor.  Some one please look up the verse about the heart being deceitful above all else.

Let me tell you about a phenomenon I see here in the mission field.  It’s what I will call “the Tea bag” illustration.  You see Missionaries are Amazingly resourceful people!  (they Must be to survive) This resourcefulness really is quite amazing and I am learning a great deal watching and being a part of this resourcefulness.  

The other day I was sharing a cup of tea with some of my coworkers.  When one of them said, ‘I don’t need an entire single size bag of tea for my cup, may I dip your bag into my cup just a couple of quick dips should do?’.  I can’t speak for you but when I enjoy a cup of tea, I will squeeze every last drop of the bag into my cup for Full Flavor.  But apparently, this workmate of mine will reuse a tea bag Multiple times before they retire the exhausted tea bag.   My question is “at what point has it stopped being a tea bag and become simply a bag with expired tea grounds in it”?   

Here’s the illustration:  You see for years Missionaries due to their resourcefulness have used and reused the same tea bags for years for many reasons and most of them legitimate reasons.  And at some point have forgotten what the “Tea” taste like.  And when they ask ‘for tea’ and you give them a cup of tea it is easily rejected.  Not because it is a cup of tea but because somewhere along the way they’ve grown accustomed to a plan ole flavorless bag of “tea”.  And by default have substituted the real for a flavorless substitute.  

That is NOT a criticism of missionaries in any stretch of the imagination.  These people have left behind most everything to share with a lost world the saving Grace of Jesus Christ.     

The point of the illustration is “to see how easy it is to become comfortable doing life and not realize just how far we have moved off of center”.   

So when Dave ask, “ what is your thirst or what is your plan?” it is easy to not do the heart work and respond with “I’m thirsty for Jesus and I don’t have a plan”.  I would remind you of the “tea bag” let that set on your heart for a while.  

My people have committed to evils; they have forsaken the fountain of living waters and they have taken shovels and are digging wells, broken wells, which can hold no water.”
Jeremiah 2:13

So What is Sin?

It almost embarrassing for me to confess this (almost).  I’ve always understood as a non Christian that it was the fact that I was a sinner that kept me apart from God (understood).  But as a Christian growing up with a fundamentalist background Sin had become this itemized list of things you don’t do.   And then it becomes a matter of just not doing the things on the list (or polishing the cup)  being careful to always present yourself as “one who has it all together”. Dave’s answer to the question what is Sin?  Sin is trying to meet my inside thirst independent of God.  Good-bye God hello, false well.  Apparently, we all have more in-common with the “woman at the well” then we originally thought.   

Are you tired of Digging?  I say put down the shovel and turn to the “Living Water for thirst quenching” Or to borrow an old soda advertisement “Obey your Thirst”.  

We are praying for you and are truly thankful and blessed that you are a part of what God is doing in Thailand through us.  Our boys are growing in so many ways here in Thailand.  We believe if our boys can in their own way get their heart around “understanding their thirst, and how to quench this thirst” it would be revolutionary.   You can pray with us in this way.  

Preview of Chapter Three

Key Verse  
And on the last and greatest day of the feast Jesus stood and shouted, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. 
John 7:37

If Jesus Christ pulled up a chair next to you and ask a simple question, “what do you want me to do for you?” What would you tell Him?         

Is Jesus my Only Hope?  
How am I at receiving? 

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